Plugin Market

There are two types of plugin sources in the plugin market, one is the official Plugin built by GPTBots, and the other is the open Plugin built by third-party developers.

Developers can select the required plugins in the plugin market and apply them to the created AI Bot. There are "free" and "off-site payment" plugins in the plugin market.

  • Plugin call popularity: The cumulative number of calls of the plugin on the entire platform in the last 30 days;

  • Plugin request success rate: The plugin request success rate of all platforms in the last 30 days.

Free Plugin

The free plugin does not require authentication, and can be used normally after adding it.

Off-site Payment Plugin

This type of plugin needs to be authenticated to use. The developer needs to apply for relevant authentication information on the external link provided by the plugin server according to the plugin tutorial guide.

After the authentication information application is successful, the plugin can be used normally only after filling in the authentication information.

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