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Subscription plans for developers.

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Subscription Plan

GPTBots provides different subscription plans for developers. Developers can choose different subscription plans for their development space according to the current business situation. The development space of all developers opens the Hobby free subscription plan by default.


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Different subscription plans have different monthly credits.

If the above plans cannot meet your business needs, you can email us ( to inform us of your detailed needs, and our business staff can customize personalized subscription plans and service quotations for you.

Credit recharge

GPTBots credit: 1,000 credits = USD $10.00

The GPTBots credit obtained by recharging are valid for 3 years.

Common Payment Questions

Q: What is the difference between subscription plans and credit top up?

GPTBots provides 3 paid subscription plans for users - "Growth", "Standard" and "Pro", with different feature rights and credits according to the tier.

Credits are the measurement unit that GPTBots uses to calculate service usage. Credit top up is the credit purchase option provided for paid subscription users to buy more credits when running low.

Q: What is the exchange rate between credits, tokens and USD? How am I charged if using my own OpenAI key?

Credits are the measurement unit of GPTBots for service usage, while tokens are the measurement units of OpenAI and vector databases.

100 credits = 1 USD. Different AI model versions have different pricing per 1K tokens.

Take GPT3.5-0613-4K as an example:

Model VersionOpenAI Pricing (USD)GPTBots Pricing (Credits)Pricing with Own Key (Credits)

GPT3.5-4K (Input)


$0.0018|0.18 credits

$0.0003|0.03 credits

GPT3.5-4K (Output)


$0.0024|0.24 credits

$0.0004|0.04 credits

Please visit GPTBots Pricing for more details.

Q: How do I cancel my subscription plan?

You can modify or cancel your subscription plan anytime. Go to Personal Center - Billing Records - Order Records to find your subscription, and click "More - Cancel Subscription Plan" to complete cancellation. You will not be charged in the next billing cycle.

Q: How do I upgrade my subscription plan if the current one no longer meets my business needs?

Go to Personal Center - Subscription Plan, click "Upgrade Subscription", then choose your desired upgrade options. The system will automatically calculate the unused portion of your current plan as credit, so you only need to pay the price difference.

Q: Where can I find my credit usage details?

Go to Personal Center - Billing Records - Consumption Records. We provide credit usage analytics in hourly, daily and monthly dimensions.

Q: Can I pay with other methods besides credit card? How do I download the receipt after payment?

For subscription plans, we support credit card payments via Stripe. For credit top up, we support Stripe balance, Google Pay, credit card etc.

To download the receipt, go to Personal Center - Billing Records - Orders, find your payment record and download the Receipt.

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