Space Management

  • Space Bots: Support adding members to enterprise-exclusive spaces and deploying enterprise bots to exclusive spaces for member use. Support setting bot access permissions and credit usage limits based on roles.


  • Flow: Optimize logical evaluators (Boolean, branching) for better decision-making.


  • Usage Records: Support querying by year.

  • Order Records: Support subscription upgrades, cancellations, and Receipt/Invoice downloads.

  • Tax Information: Support inputting tax information for generating Receipts or Invoices, simplifying business processes.


  • Online Subscriptions: Support monthly/yearly online subscription packages with payment via Stripe.

  • Online Recharge: Support online credit top-up with payment via Stripe.


  • Enterprise Certification: Support online self-service enterprise certification, and upon successful certification, you will receive 500 bonus credits.


  • Added support for Traditional Chinese version to make it more convenient for customers from Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, and overseas Chinese users.

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