Arrange Flow

Enter Edit Mode

There are two ways to enter Flow edit mode.

Option 1: Clicking on "Flow Debug" allows you to enter Flow edit mode.

Option 2: Within the Flow settings page, go to "Flow Rules - Edit" to enter Flow edit mode.

Basic Description


Each Flow Bot consists of a "Total Input," a "Total Output," and several "Components".

Data enters through the "Total Input," passes through the components for processing, and is outputted via the "Total Output," completing an input-output loop.

The data from the "Total Output" becomes the "Total Input" for the next round of conversation.


Each Flow Bot is composed of multiple connected components. Components are building blocks of the Bot, abstract elements that make up the Bot. By connecting different components, you can create Bots capable of handling complex scenarios.

Each component has the following important operations.

Drag and Drop

You can easily drag and drop components into any position within the editing panel and adjust their placement as needed.


You can configure various properties within a component.


You can connect the "Total Input" or the "Output" from other components to define the input content for the current component.

The input information is used as parameters and executed within the current component, generating its output information.


The output information of the current component can be connected to the "Total Output" component or the "Input" of other components.


Enter test content in the "Total Input" and click "Run" to display the flow path of data and the execution results of each component node in the graphical interface. This function can be used to validate the editing effect of the Flow.


Clicking on "Dialogue" allows you to engage in a dialogue with the Bot to validate the editing effect of the Flow.

Note that you must "Save" first to obtain the final edited effect during the conversation.


Clicking on "Save" saves the edits made to the Flow.

Currently, Flow edits are not automatically saved after each operation, so remember to save after completing the editing.

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