Knowledge Document

  • Added support "Q&A" format. Knowledge documents support input in the form of "Q&A", which can effectively improve the accuracy of answers to specific questions or similar questions;

  • Support online editing of various documents, and support vector management. In knowledge documents, files, URLs, texts and Q&A all support online editing. At the same time, it supports the enabling/disabling of document vectors to optimize the vector matching effect.


  • Support the permanent sharing, which supports sharing the BOT in BOTHUB with others to experience and use together.

Chat Record

  • Chat record query and knowledge correction. Supports querying chat records by keyword and category, and can view the content of chat records. At the same time, when reviewing the chat records, it supports to correct the questions and answers in the chat records in the form of "Q&A" and synchronize them to the knowledge document, so as to enhance the accuracy of BOT's answers when encountering similar problems in the future.

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