Create Plugin

Improve the Basic Information of the Plugin

Go to [Plugin - My Plugins], click [Create Plugin].

  • Plugin Name: The user-facing name of plugin;

  • Plugin Introduction: The user-oriented introduction of plug-in's capabilities.

Configure the Key Information of the Plugin


Developers can choose the plug-in authentication type. For internal use, it is recommended to select the "Developer Provides Authentication" type. Using this plug-in does not need to fill in the authentication information.

If it plans to be open to third parties, or the internal cost needs to be calculated separately, it is recommended to select the "Integrator Provides Authentication" type, and the authentication information needs to be filled in when using the plug-in.

  • None: No authentication required;

  • Bearer: Follow the Bearer standard specification for authentication and provide authentication for the integrator. It is recommended to fill in the correct name and guide external link address;

  • Basic: Follow the Basic standard for authentication. If authentication is provided for the integrator, it is recommended to fill in the correct name and guide external link address.


The plugin protocol is the key information for LLMs to call the plugin. Developers need to output interface rules refer to the following information. Even if the plug-in is opened for other developers to use, the content of the protocol will not be displayed.

pagePlugin Protocol


In the Tutorial Guide, developers can output the plugin tutorial by Markdown, so that other plugin users can understand the functionality and usage of the plugin.

My Plugins

In the [My Plugins] list, the sources of plugins are: plugins added by the plugin market, plugins created by developers.

  • Related Bots: The number of Bots the plugin is integrated with;

  • Credit Consumption: Credits consumed by using the plug-in (since the paid plug-in function has not been launched yet, this item defaults to 0);

  • Requests: The number of times the plugin was requested under the account within 24 hours;

  • Success rate: The request success rate of the plugin under the account within 24 hours.

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