• My plugins: Unified management of plugins that have been added to the Dev Space, covering self-developed plugins and plugins added from the plugin market;

  • Create Plugins: Support users to develop plugins by themselves, and apply plugins to LLM and BOT;

  • Plugin Market: The GPTBots platform provides developers with a wide variety of official plugins that can be used, covering application scenarios in various fields of tools, daily-life, work and business.


  • Use Plugins in the BOT: Plugins in the Dev Space can be added to the BOT, and the plugin capabilities can be called on demand when chatting with the BOT;

  • BOT-API:

    • Added "Vector Similarity Matching" API, which supports inputting keywords and document IDs as input parameters, and returns the most relevant content after performing vector search with the input keywords and document content;

    • Added "Error `Handling" under each API page;

  • Suggested Questions: Support for BOT to generate users with three next questions or reply options that can be used to continue the conversation after each BOT answer. This function needs to be enabled in "Bot Model".

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